In the mythologies of a variety of countries around the world, there are creatures that resemble an ocean dragon or a massive sea serpent. Of the more well-known of these creatures is the famous Loch Ness creature which is a drawing exercise it is already accessible through our site. Let’s begin our lesson about drawing the sea serpent.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the basic outline of our creature. Here, we sketch out an outline of a head as well as an extended torso-tail.

Step 2
Create a jaw with a smaller opening as well as an extended snake tongue. The body is swollen by the sea serpent and creates fins.

Step 3
Draw the head, the details of the teeth, and the face of our monster by drawing sharp and dark lines.

Step 4
Then, go towards the fins and the body of the sea serpent and draw it using straight lines that are long and smooth.

Step 5
Draw a line along the belly and then put a comb on the back, which runs from the tip of the head until the very end.

Step 6
Then let’s make the drawing larger, by making a few shadows with the hatching technique of various levels.

It was a common image of a sea snake and if you follow the guidelines learned in our class, you’ll be capable of drawing any sea creature. You could add other specifics, such as wings or heads. We also have a category titled “Myths and Legends” in order to get a better understanding of how to draw different types of heroes or monsters.

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