How To Draw A Sea Otter Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The first step is to draw the face and head for the initial step of the instructional on drawing an ocean otter.

Begin by drawing the lines that curve to create the contours of the head of an otter. The line will be separated by a smallears that are rounded at high up on the head, and an oblong mouth at the bottom.

It is possible to use eye shapes that are rounded as well as the details of the eyes. You can then create a contour for the mouth region.

Then make a nose, then make a smiley face under before proceeding to the next step of the instruction!

Step 2: Now draw the arms and body of this sea otter.
In the second phase of this drawing sea otters begin by creating a contour for the body and arms.

Utilize a curly line to define your sea otter’s chest then follow with a more curved line to create the back.

Then , draw the small arms that are pointing downwards towards the center on the chest. They’ll also be able to form small fingers that are pointed as seen in the image reference!

When you are happy with the design and layout in these areas, you are ready to move to the next part that we will cover in the tutorial.

Step 3 – Draw other body parts, as well as the beginning of the legs
In continuation of this tutorial on sea otters and drawing additional legs and bodies.

Sea otter’s physique can be quite thick and long, which is why it is important to be cautious while stretching out the lines to parts of its body. The belly of the otter will be drawn in this process.

Then Draw long and round upper thighs to create legs. This leg will be completed at the next stage, so begin that step once you’re done!

Step 4: Next draw the remainder of the legs and the tail
Before we move into more details on this drawing of a sea otter We will first finish the tail and legs.

You sketched thighs for the legs of this sea otter in the previous step and now we’ll add paws.

These feet are tiny with tiny, rounded toes therefore they’ll be easy to make! Once you’ve completed the legs, you could also include the tails for the Otters.

The tail is quite long and will shrink until it reaches the pointy tip. Once you’ve drawn it then you’ll be ready for all the details!

Step 5 – Add the last details to the sea otter’s sketch
It’s nearly time for the final step in this drawing sea otters lesson, however, first we need some last points to make!

In the image we’ve used as a reference, you’ll notice we’ve used lines that were bumpy to create an elongated mound around the bottom of the sea otter’s body it could sit on.

After you’ve drawn the element, you are able to make some additional additions to your own!

If, for instance, you plan to draw the background, you will be able to tell which the sea otter’s habitat is located in.

It is possible to add sea otters along with other animals such as fish. These are only two suggestions however what other ideas could you think of to improve the image?

Step 6 – Paint your sea otters with the color of your choice.
Although we did an almost stylized and cartoonish rendition of the sea otter sketch We chose to keep the color being more realistic and natural.

We chose a variety of shades of brown to make the fur of sea otters and belly. For the belly we used beige.

These colors are ones that you can choose to color your own photos, but there are other colors that you can choose from in addition!

It is possible to mix colors such as yellow or black to ensure that the colors are true. You can also adopt a unique style with lighter shades.

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