How To Draw A Scythe Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In this scythe-making tutorial we’ll draw an attractive ornamental version of this tool.

The scythe we’re going to draw appears like it could be at the right place in a spooky horror or fantasy tale!

For the beginning starting with the scythe’s blade. Make a single curve for at the top. This is illustrated in our illustration.

Create a pointed edge and then extend a longer curve for the second portion of the lower edge.

Then, there’s an angular, circular hole at the bottom When it’s drawn, you’ll be able to proceed to your next stage.

Step 2 – Then draw the remainder of the scythe
It is now time to complete the drawing of the travel scythe in the next step. Similar to the other scythes this one will be intricate and elaborate.

Start with drawing an outline close to the edge of the blade. Draw an even smaller circle around the blade.

After you have drawn these circles then you can draw more curves to complete the outline of the scythe , as it appears on our illustration.

It will then go to step 3 in the tutorial. So, continue until you’re done!

Step 3: Then draw the starting line of the handle to be used for the scythe.
The blade will be left behind and begin drawing the handle in this part of the scythe scythe instructional.

While it’s just the handle, it does not mean that we can’t make it as elaborate and intricate just like our blade!

It is recommended to use a light pencil and ruler for drawing straight lines on the handle.

Then, you can make use of this pen in order to create sharp features that are stuck to the handle, and then outward.

Also, make sure to follow those straight lines that run through the stick before moving onto step 4.

Step 4: Next you will draw more handles
In continuation with the scythe sketch We can now add some specifics for the handle.

If you’ve used these pencil drawing tips prior to this, you can utilize your ruler and pen to draw the remainder of the edge of the handle.

Once we’ve completed drawing we’ll add some more details at the end of the handle.

The outline will be thin and angular , with the appearance of lightning. Once we’ve completed the drawing, we can finish the details and components in the next stage within the lesson.

Step 5: Add the final details to the scythe sketch
Now , you’re ready to take the steps that are the most detailed in this step five of our scythe guide!

The primary thing we’ll do in this stage is draw the remainder of the handle. Draw with the pen the remainder of the stick that is the handle Then, finish the details at the bottom of the handle.

After you’ve drawn the drawing after that, you can add additional curvilinear details to the scythe’s blade. Now you’re ready to color your work before we move on to the next step!

Before you start paint, you could also apply a color to the background or any of the accessories you’ll need to use with this fantastic scissor. We’re eager for you to show us how do it!

Step 6: Complete your scythe sketch with the color
The final stage of this sketch and are now prepared to color the final result. In the image we used as a reference we have utilized colors that were somewhat darker and soft.

You could take the same method with your own drawing however, this is your work and you’re also at ease to utilize any colors that you would like to use!

You could also enjoy a bit of fun deciding on the mediums of art and tools that you’ll utilize to create your color choices. You should play around with it and watch what happens!

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