Hello dear artists. Our artists have shown you how to draw a screw in a previous lesson. In continuation of the theme, we will now show how to draw a screwdriver.

Step 1
Use the pencil to draw a straight line. This line will be used to “put on” the parts of our screwdriver.

Step 2
Draw the shank along the lower portion of the line drawn in step 1. Draw the handle in the form of a long cylindrical shape above the shank.

Step 3
Use an eraser to gently erase any unwanted lines. Draw a line on the tip with a pencil.

Step 4
Move a bit higher to draw the handle. You can give it a more natural look by removing any extra lines.

Step 5
Screwdriver handles can be difficult to grip so make sure you draw patterns.

Step 6
Let’s now draw the shadow. Assuming that the light falls from the top, we can add shadows on the other side of the screwdriver.

This lesson was on how to draw a screwdriver. Here are a few tips from our artists. Remember that screwdriver tips come in many different shapes. It’s best to use a pencil, liner, or ink to draw your drawing. This will prevent the smudging of pencil lines.


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