Hello everybody. This lesson will cover drawing a screw.

Step 1
We first draw two lines in the shape of the capital letter T. This will make our screw more symmetrical.

Step 2
Draw the head of the screw using a simple oval. Draw the body of the screw with straight lines underneath the head.

Step 3
Draw the drive at the top of your head using two lines that cross. Draw the thread on the body of the screw.

Step 4
Draw the drive and thread of your screw with dark and smooth lines.

Step 5
Let’s now add shadows. For the best results, use dense hatching.

We will be learning how to draw a screw today using very simple techniques. We want to share some helpful tips that will aid you in your drawing process. Don’t forget the old reception! To see any inaccuracies in your drawings, bring them to the mirror. Take care when drawing the thread. Make sure that all lines are exactly the same.

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