how to draw a scorpion

Today’s guide will show you how to draw scorpions. We hope you enjoyed this unusual predator.


Step 1

We begin by sketching the body and tail of our little predator. It is a bit like an upside-down comma. The tail is much longer than the body. The scorpion’s tail is quite long. The angle can enhance this effect.




Step 2

Let’s now draw the proximal claws. Each part is composed of three smaller, rounded segments with different shapes.




Step 3

It’s now time to draw the distal portion of each claw. Let’s draw it. Draw small claws and keep proportions the same as in our sample.




Step 4

We now have an approximate outline of the body, tail, and claws of our scorpion. We will now outline the front paws.




Step 5

Add the next pair. This looks almost like two angles. The distance between the paws furthest away from us should be less than that between the closest paws.




Step 6

Another pair of legs is waiting for us in this step. This lesson teaches us that the most difficult task is to accurately observe the shape and location of our paws. This step is unique because of the vast difference in angles between the paws closest to us and those farther away.




Step 7

This step will conclude the tutorial’s tricky parts. We are now done drawing the paws. Now, we just need to draw the final pair. This is where you can see the most drastic differences in size and angle.




Step 8

We’ll continue our guide on drawing a scorpion. In the previous steps, we did a great job. We now draw the outline of the segments of the carapace. These are ten lines of parallel that are roughly equal in distance.




Step 9

This step is to draw the outline of a large section, which is very close to the head. Use smooth lines, as in the sample.




Step 10

The tail of a scorpion also has many segments. Let’s show four segments that make up the tail’s proximal portion. The first segment is noticeably shorter than the others.




Step 11

Stinging is the scorpion’s greatest weapon. Let’s make a scorpion bite in this step. The pointed end is slightly curved upward.




Step 12

You can erase the extra guidelines left by our scorpion. Also, we check the whole drawing for mistakes and inaccuracies. It is a great moment to correct them with an eraser.




Step 13

You can color your scorpion with any color. Monochrome is best. Stock up on darker shades to create lighter shadows. If you enjoy drawing animals, there is a special section that will help you.




So we hope you enjoyed our guide. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments your thoughts about our work. We value your feedback!

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