Hello everybody! This lesson will teach you how to draw a scimitar. A scimitar is a sword with a curving blade. One side of the blade is completely sharpened and the other is only sharpened near the tip.

Step 1
We begin by drawing the main part of the melee weapon, its blade. The scimitar’s main feature is its curved blade. It has an interesting shape.

Step 2
Draw the sharpening lines for the scimitar. It is located at the bottom of the blade, and just a small area at the tip.

Step 3
Draw the guard. As you can see, the guard for scimitars is quite unusual. It curves from both ends.

Step 4
Draw the grip of a scimitar. Draw the grip of a scimitar. Because these weapons are one-handed swords, the grips of such weapons can be quite short.

Step 5
Draw the pommel. This will improve your grip. Scimitar pommels are often curved as shown in the example.

Step 6
The final step is to add shadows. You can draw shadows by using simple hatching and add glare to your blade with a few short strokes.

It was a lesson in how to draw a scimitar. This is a sword often called “exotic” in computer RPGs. It is usually used by skeletons. You will enjoy the lesson on how to draw a simple sword. You can share our tutorials with your friends and follow us on social media.

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