The schoolbag is actually similar to the typical backpack one that we’ve already sketched in one of our earlier lessons. ┬áThe lesson is easy, however, in the end, we will have an extremely realistic and stunning backpack design.

Step 1
Like in the lesson on backpacks it is necessary to draw the outline of the backpack by drawing very thin lines. The lines need to be thin so that during the subsequent steps, it will be much simpler to alter the design on the back of the backpack.

Step 2
We now sketch out a pocket for the front, and shoulder straps at the back. The second step is to make sure that the lines must be extremely light, and near transparent.

Step 3
Draw a circle on the front of the backpack with black and clear lines. Draw the pocket out and an extended zipper.

Step 4
Include pull tabs on your zippers, zipper for the pocket, a few folds, and lash tabs (yes the diamond-shaped piece of luggage is referred to as a lash tab).

Step 5
Then draw a line across the rear of your bag, draw straps, and a handle high on the back of the bag. Include a few folds and seams. Take out all the guidelines that remain from your drawing bag from school.

Step 6
The final step is a standard procedure for The final step is to create shadows by making use of dense hatching. Place the shadows on the areas that are shown in the picture of our schoolbag below.

As we’ve already mentioned the process of drawing a lesson on the drawing process of the schoolbag is quite similar to how we sketched the backpack. We can also help you grow by subscribing to us on social networks.

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