How to draw a Schnauzer Dog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a Boston Terrier Dog Step by Step

Step 1

Begin step 1 by drawing a circle around the head. Next, draw the face guide. The body should be drawn as an oblong, like the one shown here.

Step 2

Begin by drawing the shape of your dog’s head. Next, outline the muzzle and mustache. Finally, draw the soft ears. Their ears can be either erect or soft, as you already know.

Step 3

Next, outline your thick eyebrows. Then draw the bead eyes. Next, draw some details around the muzzle.

Step 4

Next, draw the front leg and the foot. Next, draw some nails and sketch some long-haired dogs. To make it different, I wanted to draw the schnauzer lying on its back.

Step 5

Next, draw the dog’s back. You should ensure that the lining is long, wavy, and that the toenails are pulled inward. This is the last step of the drawing process. You can simply erase the drawing or clean it up.

Step 6

Your dog drawing should look exactly like this one. You can color your dog any color you want, but I prefer salt and pepper tones.

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