How To Draw A Scary Pumpkin Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

This video tutorial will show you on drawing the terrifying pumpkin by drawing with the sketch of this plant. The pumpkin has long and thick stalks. This is the first sketch we’ll draw.

It’ll have a round shape towards the end to indicate the point at which it’s cut. You can then create more curves and then incorporate some line details in the middle.

We will then trace the edges of the pumpkin. It is possible to add the curved lines that run towards the bottom of the stem. After that, we can go on with the second step to make some more to this terrifying pumpkin!

Step 2: Now draw the base of this frightening pumpkin.
In the first step, we drew the edges of the scary pumpkin design In this next step, we’ll sketch the base.

Its sides are drawn with one smooth curve, however the base will appear slightly different.

The base is traced using a variety of interconnected curves. The lines will also extend to the inside of the pumpkin.

The image reference will demonstrate how to position the curves. Then, proceed to the next step in the guide!

Step 3 – Draw details on this terrifying pumpkin’s face.
In the next installment of this terrifying pumpkin tutorial, we’ll begin adding facial features and additional specifics.

Before drawing the facial features, we’ll first draw some details on the trunk’s base.

To accomplish this, you can extend some curving lines starting from the base of the trunk , and then extend them outwards, which will give you more depth.

The next step is to sketch the eye of this terrifying pumpkin. They will be drawn with rough lines.

This is done to create the illusion that eyelashes were cut by the help of a knife. Also, they will be tilted downwards for a more dark appearance.

Then create a nose between your eyes with the same jagged lines and then continue to step 4.

Step 4 – Now Draw the mouth of this terrifying pumpkin
Every lantern with a venerable design is a smiley We’ll include one of them in your scary pumpkin in this fifth step.

The mouth will also be drawn using that jagged lines that you have drawn for the eyes and nose and it will appear huge in the front of this terrifying pumpkin.

After drawing it as it appears in the reference image, we’ll include some more details as well as any final strokes in the following step of the instructional.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Scary Pumpkin Drawing
You’re now prepared to draw the last details and components in this section of our draw an intimidating pumpkin tutorial.

In this stage we will concentrate on adding depth to the areas which have been cut. To accomplish this, you need to draw lines that run parallel to the inside contour of all the cut-out areas.

Incorporate some fine lines to create an even more 3D appearance.

Once you’ve got these things in order You can then add additional ones of your own! It’s possible to have a Halloween-themed wallpaper.

There are other Halloween decorations that could be used as backgrounds and also create other objects to go with this frightening pumpkin.

What exciting details could you think of that would finish the image?

Step 6 – Finish your frightening pumpkin sketch using the color
As the final stage of this terrifying pumpkin sketch, we’ll wrap it up with some colour! In our image of reference we’ve provided the colors we’ll select for this drawing.

We used a variety of shades of orange to paint the exterior of the pumpkin, we added some yellow to the inside edges. You painted these inside the cut-outs.

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