How To Draw A Scary Clown Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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For this first tutorial of drawing the scary clown, we’ll begin with his terrifying face.

The face of the man will be big smile and a large grin. your upper lip is likely to appear full with rows of teeth that are pointed on the upper part on the lips.

Then, draw a round shape for the nose, before we draw the eyes. Eyes will then be divided into two ovals . They will have arched eyebrows on top to create a sinister look.

Then, you can finish contouring the back and top of his head prior to you create an extra bun that extends behind the head.

Step 2: Draw the collar’s details and mouth
We’ll work on the finer details of his face and mouth and also paint his collar ruffled in this part of your frightening clown sketch.

In the beginning, we’ll put an array of sharp shark-like teeth at the bottom of the mouth.

The collar will make use of two curves for the two sides of the collar and then we will add lines of detail all over and an edging along the edges.

When you’ve got this collar that’s similar to the one in our example then you’re ready to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Next Draw his legs and arms.
In the third part of our guide on drawing the scary clown, we’ll begin sketching the legs and arms for the clown.

Make some curves to make his arms long and lanky which are visible from the sides. Add stripes of the same length along the sides.

Add some curves on his chest. And put on some suspenders and flowers to the chest. This will also be adorned with stripes running along the.

Then, we draw the pants’ top and they will be drawn in as to appear like they are a bit too to big for him.

Step 4 – Now complete the legs and then add the arms
We are beginning to refine this frightening clown sketch! Start by adding some curves to create the bottom of his baggy pants which extends into his legs.

We’ll add his shoes later on So don’t fret about the spaces that are empty at the moment.

Once you’ve finished your pants and pleats, it’s time to put on his hands. Left hand should feature long sharp, sharp, almost claw-like fingers.

There will be tiny jagged lines on each finger, making it appear as if the fingers are popping out of gloves.

The right hand is gripped tightly in a fist, gripping a knife for an extra creepy appearance.

Then we can get back to the last touches for the following step.

Step 5 – Add additional details to your frightful clown sketch.
Before adding colour to your drawing, we’ll begin by completing the final details in this step of our drawing a frightening clown tutorial.

You’ll also have the chance to make some that are your own!

In the meantime, we’ll concentrate in drawing his shoe. They could be drawn with certain circles. They will be very thin and long for a more oversized style.

After the shoe is completed then you can embellish it with additional details! It’s lots of fun to design an awesome background for an image, and a dark carnival backdrop could be an ideal choice.

What is the best setting as the setting for your clown?

Step 6 – Complete your clown’s scary drawing using some color
To complete this spooky clown sketch the drawing will be finished with some colors. We chose a variety of shades that might be lively and bright, but we used a range of different shades to create a spooky atmosphere.

It is possible to create a similar subtle look or can make sure the colors are bright and lively to add some irony!

If you prefer more muted tones, crayons or watercolor would be an excellent option.

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