how to draw a scarecrow

The team from will teach you how to draw an eagle as an essential element of nearly every field, without which the safety of fields from crows could be at risk.

The scarecrow is usually constructed from straw, old clothing, and sticks. Although it is simply the fact that it is sometimes a source of terror not only for ravens but also for other people.

If you’re at your ready and before you is an unfinished piece of paper and you’re holding an eraser in your palm and you’re ready to follow the instructions on how to draw an elk.


Step 1

Let’s begin with the head of the scarecrow and show it in the shape of an ordinary ball. In the head of the ball, make a neck that is short and cylindrical.




Step 2

A simple step where we design an eerie torso for a scarecrow. In the case of the artists at, it appears to be the shape of a rectangle, with angles that are rounded.




Step 3.

Let’s now show the extremes of the scarecrow. They shouldn’t be complex designs and bends. They should be drawn in the shape of irregular rectangles.




Step 4

The basic scarecrow sketch is complete now it’s time to move on with the finer details. Let’s begin by creating the hat as the artists from did.




Step 5

Utilizing two dots of thickness makes scarecrow eye dots. Then, draw an arched mouth, with many seams. In addition, you can draw an elongated nose that is the shape of a carrot as in the form of a snowman.




Step 6

The scarecrow will usually be dressed in a jumpsuit and shirt. With a few lines, you can depict how the dress’s front is as well as the straps resting on the shoulders.




Step 7

On the back of your dress, draw the pocket. Then, draw a shirt collar that is worn around your neck. Additionally, you could put a pattern on the shirt.




Step 8

Now, using a huge amount of lines that are short show spikelets protruding from the sleeves. Draw the spikelets from the roots up to the ends.




Step 9

With the aid of smooth lines and winding lines draw your jumpsuit’s legs. Then, draw the spikelets that extend from the legs in the same manner as we did at the beginning of the step.




Step 10

A simple stage in which we’ll be required to sketch the stick that the scarecrow is placed. The stick can appear straight, or slightly uneven.




Step 11

Set aside the pencil and take out an eraser and utilize it to clean the drawing of any auxiliary guidelines. Then, grab a pencil with a darker shade of ink and trace the scarecrow’s drawing to make it sharper and more clear.




Step 12

Then, take your favorite colors and draw the scarecrow using the colors provided by the artists at or pick your own color scheme.




So, the tutorial on drawing an elk finally ended and we truly hope it was simple. Be sure to follow via Pinterest or Facebook to keep track of all the happenings on the website of

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