How to Draw A Scarecrow Step by Step -

How to Draw A Scarecrow Step by Step

How to Draw A Scarecrow Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

We’ll begin this lesson on drawing the head of the head of a scarecrow.

Heads will be created out of a pumpkin , to truly reflect the Halloween vibe that scarecrows typically have!

When drawing the pumpkin head, you could begin by placing the hat that is on his head first. The head will be drawn using an oval vertex. Two lines running downwards from there, and finally the rim will be circular.

After you’ve drawn the hat, it’s possible to add lines for a diagonal flower effect that looks like it’s made from straw.

You can also make the pumpkin head by drawing curved lines that run downwards into the cap. A few simple eye lines, and a sharp lines for mouth will make a great addition!

Step 2: Draw the scarecrow’s initial arm
After you’ve completed the first portion of drawing the scarecrow, you’re ready to begin on the first part of the scarecrow’s arm.

The scarecrow is wearing a coat, which means that armpits will also be covered with the same fabric. You could also make use of curving lines to tie the laces over the sleeves.

In the end the straw and wood will pop out of the sleeves as seen in the image reference. All you have to do is this step, and you’re all set to start!

Step 3. Now you are able to draw the arm that you want to draw.
You have successfully drawn one arm during the first step of our scarecrow tutorial and now you can draw another arm.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you since all you have be able to draw is a mirror-image of the arm you traced at the beginning of this process. But, you are able to alter the design a little If you wish!

Step 4 – Then draw the scarecrow’s hat and coat.
Then, we will stretch the scarecrow’s outfit from the top of the dress in this step. Begin with drawing the neck to the top on the neck.

Use some curves to those sides that hang down. In the end, draw a horizontal line across through the centre of the shirt and then draw tiny circles that run down it for buttons.

Also, you can add small squares that have lines along the edges to make patches on his shirt.

Step 5 – You can now complete the final details and components
This section of our guide on drawing the scarecrow will also include adding details and the final elements prior to the last step.

Then, you’ll need to use straight lines that are coming from the scarecrow to make the pole that he’s hanging off.

It is possible to add Crows on his arm to demonstrate that this might possibly not be one of the best scarecrows of all time!

This concludes the information in this tutorial however, before proceeding you are free to add your own information that you’d like to include!

Another great idea is to make a background for your picture. It is possible to draw something like an agricultural field or perhaps the ghostly house you have in mind as a backdrop to give an even more Halloween-inspired design.

Are you able to think of some of the elements in the background of the hat, or other details that you could include in your own gyro sketch?

Step 6: Finish your scarecrow’s drawing using colors
Once you’ve finished your sketch Now you’re able to make it come to life as the final step in our tutorial on drawing puppets!

In the image we used as a reference we chose to use orange for the pumpkin and added brown and blue to make the remainder of the scarecrow.

Also, we add splashes of colours like red and green to give more details to the picture.

This is the stage where you are able to really be imaginative and experiment with colors you want!

There are a myriad of ways to incorporate your favorite colors in the image. You can employ different techniques to make these colors come to life.

The use of crayons or watercolor can be fantastic for images that have a more creepy feeling like this.

However using crayons, acrylic paint or markers can add bright colors to the image , and it looks amazing too!

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