In this drawing class, the 3dvkarts team 3dvkarts will teach the reader what to draw scans step-by-step.

Step 1
With straight lines, create a figure that resembles the wide trapezoid.

Step 2
Below the figure of the previous step, draw an extended rectangle.

Step 3
In the upper section, we draw a figure that is like the trapezoid.

Step 4
In a similar way to step 2, draw a long rectangle on the high point of the trapezoid drawn in a prior step.

Step 5
In the upper and lower portion of the printer, sketch the area of work.

Step 6
In the final step of the course, we will learn to draw an image scanner sketch buttons as well as details for control.

It was easy enough since we only used lines and strokes. Similar to the simple lines we have used to draw lessons on iPhone, Microwave, and Washing Machine. If you’re not connected to us through social networks, we hope you take this step and send us this video lesson.

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