How to draw a Sausage Dog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Begin by drawing the head of your dachshund. To outline the nose and eyebrows, draw an “S”-shaped line. To enclose the eye’s shape, draw a curve with extra curves to indicate the eyelashes and eyelids. To indicate the pupil, draw two circles in the eye that are smaller than the others.

Step 2

To enclose the circle of another eye, draw a curve. To indicate pupils, draw a circle inside a circle. To form the eyelid, draw a curve above each eye. To make the eyelids, glue one oblong to each eye.

Step 3

To form the nose of your dog, draw an upside-down triangle and rounded corners. Next, draw the lower jaw and mouth using overlapping curves. At the corner of your smiley face, draw a short curve.

Step 4

To draw the ears of your dog, use long, curved lines that are doubled.

Step 5

Draw the shoulders, hips, and back of your dachshund using overlapping curves. To draw the tail, use two curves that intersect at a gentle point.

Step 6

To draw the neck line and chest, use a long, straight line. Next, draw the legs and toes using overlapping curves. To continue the dog’s belly, draw a short curve line.

Step 7

To draw the top leg, foot and toe of your other front foot, use overlapping curves. The curve that wraps around the bend at the ankle is a short curve. To continue stroking your dog’s stomach, draw a long, curving line.

Step 8

Draw the hind legs. To outline the top of the feet, shins and toes, draw overlapping curves.

Step 9

Use overlapping curves to draw the other leg.

Step 10

Color your cartoon dachshund dog. The most popular colors for cartoon dachshund dogs are black and patches of tan. Sometimes, other colors can be seen such as white with black patches.


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