Today, we’ll draw a tool that you’ll definitely require when you are making hot sauce or soup. You can clearly see that the focus of today’s drawing lesson is drawing the shape of a saucepan.

Step 1
We will first create two ovals. Ovals should be drawn in exactly the same planar. Furthermore, these figures should be of a different size. An oval with a larger size should be placed on the top.

Step 2
I assure you that it’s an extremely simple process. Draw two lines along the laterals which connect the shapes created in prior steps.

Step 3
Then we will continue with the drawing class where we show the students the steps to draw a pot. The steps to follow during this stage include:

Draw a thin, long line around the lid.
Draw a handle situated in the middle of the lid.
The handles are on the pan laterally. The pens must not be used if the pot is extremely hot. But of course, if you’re otherwise not Human Torch.

Step 4
Remove all extra lines that were created by the previous step. In the event that your pan is not cleaned, it will appear like it’s transparent and looks fake.

Step 5
Create light shadows. The drawing is complete It was not that difficult, did it?

Don’t forget to leave a note in the comments if you have a problem with this drawing lesson. If you’re fascinated by drawing various household objects, you should check out our other drawing classes We have plenty of things that will interest you to draw.

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