In the world, there is an abundance of sauces that can brighten the food we eat. The finest sauces are prepared by yourself with your own hands or at restaurants with the skill of a chef who is a pro.  We’ll begin our course by drawing the shape of a sauce bottle.

Step 1

The bottles of sauces have different designs however we sketch the most commonly used shape. We sketch how the shape of the bottle will appear, as in the illustration below.

Step 2

At the high point of the bottle, we trace the outline of the cap using some very thin lines, then move on to the third step.

Step 3

Draw the whole outline of the bottle using very dark lines. In the final process, draw the outline for the label.

Step 4

To make our sauce bottle appear more substantial to look more voluminous, we draw shadows using hatching. Don’t forget to draw the shadow cast.

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