In the mythologies of ancient Greece, there are many well-known characters which include satyrs, and it is among them. The Satyrs of Greek mythology are forest gods and demons of fertility. They are happy goat-legged creatures that inhabit the Greek islands. The satyr is lazy and unruly, and he is known to spend the majority of his time drinking and looking for Nymphs. This lesson on drawing the Satyr is dedicated to the very creature.

Step 1
Let’s begin with an almost normal skull. The first step is sketching out the outline of the head’s oval shape using two lines that intersect. Then, outline the spine, and then draw the pelvis and chest. Utilize simple lines to draw the legs and arms, with slightly curved lower parts.

Step 2
Now let’s add a few specifics to the image of us. On the head, draw curved Horns. Then draw the outline of the body, legs, and torso by using simple geometric figures. Draw the shape of two flutes with your hands. The legs should be similar to the legs of goats.

Step 3
In this first stage, we’ll sketch the details of our sketch. By using dark and clear lines, we will draw out the eyes using frowning eyebrows. Then draw a mustache, nose, and mouth.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll draw the final specifics of the head of the satyr. Draw out the outline of the curving hair, horns, as well as beard. Draw out the outline of the tongue as well as the long ears with sharp tips.

Step 5
We’ll now begin drawing the arms for the satyr. Draw the outline of the muscles in the arms as shown in our illustration. Be aware that the arms must be strong and supple. After the process creates flutes by drawing long lines that are clear and straight. Then, take away any unnecessary guidelines from the arms.

Step 6
We need to sketch out the outline of prominent pectoral muscles as well as abdominal muscles oblique. Furthermore, here we draw the outline of clothes that are simple for the satyr.

Step 7
In this stage, we’ll draw the lower portion of the satyr’s physique. Make sure you draw the contours of the loincloth, as well as the folds that are on the top. With the aid of a couple of strokes draws “shaggy” contours of the legs of the satyr. Draw big hooves and proceed to step eight.

Step 8
The satyr sketch is pretty finished, and all it needs is to add a bit of a realistic look. To achieve this, we’ll draw some shadows with the help of hatching with different densities. Denser hatching creates dark areas of shadows and less dense hatching for lighter shadows.

The course about the art of drawing the Satyr ended. However, don’t overlook that we have many interesting characters and mythological creatures on our website. You can go into the categories to discover how to draw the various characters.


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