How to draw a satellite

This is a satellite. It is an unmanned spacecraft that orbits the Earth. Satellites are used for communications, weather, spying, navigation, and many other things.
Drawing is a fun way to express yourself. Some people are not good at drawing, but they can learn to draw with the right instructions. This article will show you how to draw a simple satellite.

Even though this is very simple, I still needed to place the lesson under the intermediate category for those of you that are novice artist. You will first draw a rounded window like shape and then add the guidelines for the metal design. Next you will draw rectangle shape on each side of the satellites body as you see here. These shapes will be for the solar panels.

Draw satellite steps

  • satellite receiver
  • ¬†Draw the main body of the artificial satellite at the bottom
  • Draw a big rectangle on each side. These are solar panels.
  • Draw short lines to connect the solar panels to the main body. Then draw some grids on each solar panel.
  • Finally, color it carefully, and the colorful artificial satellite is finished!



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