how to draw a sandwich

The team at enjoys food and not just consuming but also drawing. And in this easy drawing guide, we’ll show how to draw a sandwich. what to draw sandwiches.

Drawing lessons for the Food category are easy, vibrant beauty, and easy to comprehend. It is a perfect training area for beginner artists.


Step 1

The first step is to create an outline of a rectangle. This later transforms into a side that forms the middle of your sandwich. Make sure to use delicate and loose hand movements to draw lines at this point.




Step 2

Utilizing a pair of thin or loose lines you can create the top surface on the sandwich. As you can see, we chose to draw a sandwich that was cut however, you can certainly draw an entire square sandwich.




Step 3

The sandwich is comprised of three pieces of bread and, at this step, we’ll sketch the slices. You can also draw more or fewer pieces of bread.




Step 4

Let’s begin adding the fillings to our sandwich. Start at the top and gradually move down. The top layer consists of three bend sections of sausage.




Step 5

We then move the floors in our sandwiches. Under the sausage pieces that we prepared earlier Create 3 slices of tomatoes as illustrated in the image below.




Step 6

With the aid of a few light lines, we can create three cutting pieces, similar to what the artists from created in the image below.




Step 7

By using a variety of extremely curvy lines, you can make bacon, and then a huge piece of lettuce beneath it. Don’t forget that these are just a few examples for filling. Naturally, you could draw other slices.




Step 8

Armed with an eraser, carefully eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from the sandwich drawing in order to create stunning and neat art.




Step 9

Of course, you could draw your sandwich with a black-and-white sketch like the eighth step. We believe it’s much better to draw the sandwich in order to give it more bulk.




It’s really simple you might think. If you like the step-by-step instructions for drawing sandwiches, make sure to show it off to your friends and follow our social media channels.

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