How To Draw A Sandcastle Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follow


Start at the top or crown of the sandcastle . when you’re done, you can build as many vertices as want. It’s a simple process.

Step 2

Then, create a soft flow of sand on the bottom of your sand castle in the same way this.

Step 3.

It is possible to draw a second tower to complete the sandcastle construction. I built this higher and slimmer than the first one.

Step 4

We have another tower. It is however more cylindrical , as it will feature an open canopy instead of an open top.

Step 5

The uppermost point on the tower using this triangular point.

Step 6

Then add some details to the edges of each tower. Then draw and color certain windows. It’s that simple. You can erase the mistakes you could have made.

Step 7

It’s over, you’re done. You can now color your work and show everyone else that you don’t just are able to construct the sand castle but also are able draw one.

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