how to draw a samurai

The team behind is extremely fond of Japanese culture, which is why this video tutorial on drawing the Samurai is significant to us. Before, in fact, we sketched the Ninja which is the most feared enemy of any Samurai. Both of these lessons will be completely different from the basic principles of drawing, therefore we suggest you learn each of these directions.


Step 1

Let’s start with the skeleton of the Samurai which is best depicted with extremely light lines. Make sure to repeat his posture and proportions in the drawing example provided by the artists on or think of another posture.




Step 2

Two crossed lines in your head can help show the features on your face. faces. Then, connect your head with the body, and give a bit of volume to the body.




Step 3.

With the aid of cylindrical models, you can draw using cylindrical figures, and draw the arm as well as the legs. Following that, using the help of spherical shapes, illustrate the elbow, shoulder, and knee joints.




Step 4

Then let’s get to the specifics. Begin by drawing the opening of the mask. Then sketch eyes. eyes within the opening of the mask. Make horns that are decorative for the heads.




Step 5

Next, depict the visible part of the mask that is affixed to the side of the head as well as the neck. Then, you can draw a sculptural mouth on the samurai’s mask.




Step 6

The stage is simple and complicated. This stage should show a rope that is wrapped around the neck and wears a helmet over the head of the participant.




Step 7

Let’s make this appearance of the samurai more intense and cool. Draw the pupils of the eyes and teeth inside the mouth.




Step 8

On the torso depict the armor’s breastplate (do) along with the pad for the shoulder (side) across the shoulders. Then, draw the cloth that covers the upper arms.




Step 9

Let’s arm the samurai right now. By drawing a few simple lines trace the blades as well as other specifics of the katanas like the illustration from the artists at




Step 10

At the waistline, draw the scabbards and rope hanging over the belt. By drawing simple lines, you can create fingers as shown in the example provided by the artists at




Step 11

Then, draw the components that make up the armor (kasazuri) that cover the upper legs and groin. Next, draw another layer of armor known as a candidate.




Step 12

Remove all guidelines for auxiliary use from the torso, and draw straight lines across the Kasazuri. As of now, the samurai design will look like this.




Step 13

The feet draw those sandals worn by waraji (and in addition, only ninjas and samurai are permitted to wear sandals on top of the socks of their feet). Then, draw the wide samurai pants, also known as hakama.




Step 14

Then, get rid of the auxiliary lines that are no longer needed. Utilizing a pencil with greater strength or ink, lighten the samurai design.




Step 15

In the final stage of the tutorial on drawing a samurai the group of will have to work with color. With the palette of colors provided by the artists at Paint the Samurai.




As we mentioned before, the team at is extremely fond of Japanese culture. So here we demonstrated the art of drawing a samurai along with other steps we sketched manga, anime, manga as well as Chibi.  how to draw supergirl



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