In the previous lessons, we sketched the figure of a Ninja as well as the traditional Samurai. This time we’ll demonstrate how to draw a samurai wearing armor. It’s not too difficult, but by the end, you will have a realistic samurai drawing.

Step 1
The first lesson will be simple We will have to draw a samurai skeleton. The first step is to draw one oval that represents the head, and an easy outline of the spine where we draw the chest as well as the pelvis. Then, we outline the legs and arms with simple lines. This is the moment when you must press the pencil with a very gentle pressure because in the near future all of these lines are erased.

Step 2
Then, we draw the two lines that define the symmetry of the face. They cross at the center of the face, and in the region of the bridge between the nose and eyes. Next, we draw the neck and the torso. Following that we draw the arms and legs and arms, which are then drawn using simple geometric designs.

Step 3
Our samurai wears all-weather armor from the head down and it’s this armor we’ll draw today. Starting with the head, we’ll sketch out a helmet that has massive horns. Then we move on to the body and outline the armor with light and simple lines. On the hands, we sketch out the sword as well as the cape in the back.

Step 4
Let’s begin drawing the specifics. As per tradition, we’ll start with the head and end by drawing the legs. Therefore, you can draw the outline of the traditional armor of the samurai, long horns, and a frightening mask that covers his face. It is possible to draw a different mask since the samurai were wearing very different masks.

Step 5
Then we go a bit lower and draw the shoulder components that make up the armor. Following that, we draw the arms and sleeves where the sword will be held. Draw all the folds and lines, remove any unnecessary lines, and move to step six of the course about drawing a samurai armor.

Step 6
We need to draw a sword and master how to draw it correctly take a look at the video on drawing a Katana. Then we go even further by drawing the samurai belt where pockets are situated. Then, draw the elements of armor for the legs and on the wide pants.

Step 7
It is the simplest step in the course of drawing an armored samurai. In this step, we need to draw the upper section of the feet and legs. In addition, here we have to draw all of the necessary folds, and then remove any unnecessary lines from the sketch of the Samurai.

Step 8
The samurai’s armored samurai is drawing itself, we need to make it bigger and realistic. To achieve this, we draw shadows using the traditional hatching technique. As you can see, the hatching is located in the darkest parts of the body of the samurai which are the areas where light doesn’t fall.

As you might have guessed, we enjoy drawing various warriors from various styles and cultures. Within the “People” category on, there are all. However, if you can’t find your favorite warrior Make sure to tell us about it and we’ll design for you the right drawing instruction.

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