We have drawn a lot of smartphones by Apple as well as our readers frequently requested us to create drawing tutorials for other models of smartphones. So today, we’ve decided to demonstrate the drawing process of a Samsung smartphone. As you will see, we’ll teach you how to draw the smartphone from both sides, to ensure maximum clarity.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch two rectangular shapes (well you could draw one, in the case of drawing a smartphone to one of them).

Step 2
With the aid of short and curved lines, we can smooth out all angles on our phone Samsung. Samsung.

Step 3
We need to work something out – we have to remove the line of angles.

Step 4
On the front face on the front of the Samsung smartphone, we draw the outline of the screen. Notice that we’ve drawn a phone with no side edges.

Step 5
On the back that is the Samsung smartphone, draw the image of a camera. On the screen of the phone, with a pair of lines draw out the reflection.

Nowadays smartphones today are all alike. It is true that in the year 2007 Apple introduced the trend for the design and appearance of smartphones. This style of a smartphone was adopted by all other manufacturers of smartphones. It is important to note that the distinctive characteristic of smartphones manufactured by Samsung is their camera, which is situated at the center of the body. This is in contrast to phones from Apple with a camera that is near the edge. However, if you are able to learn to draw in this lesson then you will be able to draw other smartphones with the methods taught during this class.

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