In this drawing tutorial, we will be discussing drawing a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It is a line of Internet tablets from Samsung, the South Korean company Samsung based on the operating system free Android.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the outline of our tablet with straight lines.

Step 2
Cut off the angles of our tablet and draw out the stylus as a shape of a large rectangle.

Step 3
Eliminate the angles with extra angles and draw the outline of a rectangular screen. On the other side of the tablet, draw buttons.

Step 4
Above the screen, draw an image of a camera with the words “Samsung”. Below the screen, draw buttons. Draw the specifics of the stylus, as shown in our illustration.

Step 5
To make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 appear more real, we’ll add some shadows and glares by making hatching.

Today, all tablet devices have the same appearance in the sense that it’s a device that has an enormous screen that covers the entire surface of the body, and two buttons to the sides. By applying the concepts of this course on drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 you can master drawing any different tablet.

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