We have drawn a variety of phones made by Apple and Samsung, however, our readers have often requested that we create additional lessons on Samsung smartphones. So we came up with an instructional video on drawing an iPhone Samsung Galaxy S8.

Step 1
Since smartphones are basically just a rectangle that has massive screen, we’ll begin by drawing an elongated rectangle.

Step 2
With the aid of four smooth lines, we can smooth out the corners as illustrated in the example.

Step 3
Grab an eraser to remove the angles that aren’t needed with the round edges.

Step 4
We now need to draw the most obvious aspect which is the screen. The screen is covered by both sides of the phone.

Step 5
On the back of the body of the phone, draw buttons. Above the screen, draw the sensors, speaker, and camera.

Step 6
By using long lines that are light, draw an illuminating glare onto the screen. By using dense hatching, draw shadows shown in the example.

If you’ve followed the steps in this lesson and did not make any mistakes, you now are aware of how to draw the Samsung Galaxy S8. Remember that by using the skills learned in this tutorial, you can draw not just Samsung smartphones as well as any other phone, since in general, they are quite like each other.


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