Today, we’ll draw an extremely well-known high-tech phone from Samsung. You can clearly see, that we will be discussing the Galaxy Note8.

Step 1
First, draw a normal parallelogram that has corners rounded. Then draw a line around the stylus.

Step 2
In this next step, we’ll focus on the pen. Draw the upper and lower edges of the pen. After that, remove the lines on the corners of the phone to make it appear more professional.

Step 3
The drawing tutorial continues where we show our readers what to draw for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Now we have been able to draw one of the biggest and most prominent aspects which is the screen. Every smartphone today has large screens, which means they are extremely similar to one another. It is important to note that the screen covers the top side, bottom, and lateral aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Step 4
It is evident that there are no buttons on the lateral side of the smartphone. Therefore, we draw only the speaker on top of the screen. Additionally, we draw sensors as well as a camera.

Step 5
Let’s add some realism to our mobile. With the aid of a pair of sleek and light lines, we can create glare on the screen. Then, add shadows using light hatching.

We hope that this wasn’t an extremely challenging drawing lesson. Tomorrow we’ll be back!

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