The group of created a large number of vessels including a bottle and glass, glass as well as the Jug. In this video, which is the next part of the topic of different vessels we will teach you the drawing process for the salt shaker.

Step 1

Therefore, the lesson regarding the salt shaker is quite simple and the first step is the easiest. In this case, we need to draw the outlines for the salt shaker in the form of an ordinary rectangle.

Step 2

Let’s add some fundamental details to the top that we have created for our salt shaker. In the upper area, sketch out the outline of the cap. Then draw the outline that will form the neck for your salt shaker.

Step 3

Let’s now use the eraser, and then carefully take out any unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the salt shaker. Draw the outline of the cap as well as that of the overall vessel.

Step 4

On the cap’s top create several holes. After that with the hatching apply some highlights and shadows on the outside of the salt shaker.

The lesson on drawing the shape of a salt shaker was quite easy. However, perhaps, when you visited our website you were hoping for a more challenging lesson. Of course, we offer similar lessons, so make sure to visit other categories on our site for drawing lessons on people as well as animals and many more.

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