How To Draw A Sailboat Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the simple step-by step drawing guide below.

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Step 1

This will be a easy drawing tutorial. The first thing you need to draw is an enormous triangle to represent the sail, and then an elongated rectangle to make the hull. Draw a long vertical line that runs through the middle of the sail, then move onto your next stage.

Step 2

In the second stage, you draw two vertical diagonal lines, which will become ropes connected to the rod. Draw a second, shorter vertical line that starts at the top. join it to the curve on the left, which will ultimately become the head. Add some details and shapes on that top part of the boat then proceed.

Step 3

As you can see in this step three the two sails begin to break. Begin at the top of the mast , and draw more lines to the top. The goal is to create a look as if it’s being blown away by the winds, so ensure the lines are twisted into each other. Draw the lining for sides of both sails and later add the lines, and intricate line designs to your hull.

Step 4

You’ve made it to step four , and fourth step is your fourth drawing step. In this step, you’ll apply a specific designs to the cable and after that, you can enlarge the wire that connects onto the rod. After you’ve completed the drawing, you can sketch the upper portion of the hull, and then add the same wheel design on the right. Eliminate any rules and forms and then move to the final product.

Step 5

The final sketch will look like once you’re finished. The only thing you have to do is draw it out in color. You’ve probably have learned how sketch a sailboat cartoon isn’t it? In any case, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video tutorial of drawing the sailboat step-by-step.

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