How To Draw A Sad Angel

How To Draw A Sad Angel

Step one:

The sketching will be on the lower and torso body guides as you can see here. As you can tell, they aren’t perfect in their form, so keep this in mind.

Step two:

From the torso, pull towards the back of the neck. This will rest upon the knees as you move on.

Step three:

Starting at the bottom of the neck that is heeled Draw in the arm or upper portion that is the upper part. It should be a single shaped.

Step four:

Then, draw the hand, which is likely to rest on the arm’s upper part. Give some detail to the hair by drawing a long dark line.

Step five:

Now draw the entire leg line of the angel’s leg , which is bent or cropped. The arm is resting on the knees.

Step six:

The form for the figure of angels by drawing their feet leg, calf and buttocks. Then, draw the back. Your back must be slightly bent over.

Step seven:

Draw the other leg and thigh as the above, and then proceed to step eight.

Step eight:

Once the body is placed, you can begin drawing the long, straight, thick hair, which is hanging down over the legs and almost touches the ground.

Step nine:

The dimpling of the sketch is visible of her chest, which is completely naked that is clearly concealed by her thighs.

Step ten:

Begin drawing her angel wings. Begin by drawing the base of the wing, which is linked on her back, or bone. Sketch out the wing with feathers that are edged.

Step eleven:

In the final drawing step, all you need be able to draw the second wing. Sketch with all the details which make feathers on the wings. When you feel that the drawing is finished it is time to erase the mistakes and guide lines.

Step twelve:

You can tell, I have left out the feathers and blood that fell I’ll let you to choose what you would like to include.

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