How to Draw a Saber Tooth Tiger Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Step 1

So, as usual we’ll begin this initial step by drawing the basic guidelines and circular shapes. We’ll start on the left by drawing a circular shape to represent the head. Draw a smaller circle that has two small circles along the sides of the smaller circle to form an arm frame. Then, in the center, draw an elongated form to form that saber-toothed wild tiger. When you have completed that shape, draw a circular shape to cover the lower part of the rump and a smaller one for the hind legs.

Step 2
Check out the images and you’ll know what you’ll be doing the next time. Start by going towards the front and draw the saber-toothed animal’s face to guide you in drawing the nose, eyes, as well as the mouth into sections. Then, you’re able to go on and draw the body frame and begin to sculpt the animal. For the front, legs are designed as socks all you need do is draw an extended, curving line to define both the butt and back regions. Draw the hind legs , which are shaped like a candy-cane in the middle. After you’ve completed the steps above, proceed to step 3.

Step 3
Here’s the point where you might get lost when you draw faces. The saber-toothed Tiger’s mouth is large and wide, so the most efficient method to draw a face is to begin at the ears, and begin to work your way upwards. It’s very easy when you are using the ste

Step 4
All you have to do is to detail and draw the saber-toothed Tiger’s face and body, as well as the tail. Draw the eyes, and ensure they appear strong and fierce. Draw lines of darkening on the face, the inside of the mouth and on the fangs. The cat’s face will be highlighted by lightly rubbing the pencil on scratches in the circular direction. Draw claws on each paw and fluff the legs of all four. Now, erase the circles and guides you traced in the first step.

Step 5
This is how your tiger’s saber-toothed appearance will be like after you’re finished. I prefer the tails to be long , even though they’re short bob tails longer tails is cool. The sketch you create can have either a short or long tail, whatever you decide to use. In the end, you’re an artist. And when you’re an artist, you are able to use your imagination for hours on end.

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