How To Draw A Rose

wow, today we create a amazing drawing. This is Rose drawing. Now we start a drawing step by step. Rose is represent a love . So every body want to rose for your lover. Because only rose can show love status. Today we are try to draw a rose.

Are u ready to draw a rose? If your ready then Now i am starting drawing step by step. You can Follow me as a Step by Step . Let Go1!

Step 1 :  This is my First Step. In this Step i create circle of rose. This is easy try this Now.

how to draw a rose step 1

2nd Step: This is our 2nd Step of rose. In this Step we create rose sides. you can create like this.

how to draw a rose 2nd step

3rd Step:  WOW amazing this is now looking as a rose. That’s Good.

how to draw a rose 3rd step

4th Step: draw Same side go-ahead

how to draw a rose 4th step

5th step: Amazing our mostly rose drawing. let go to Next Step

how to draw a rose 5th step

6th Step:  Now we are creating rose lower side.

how to draw a rose 6th step

7th step:  Continue

how to draw a rose 7th Step

8th step:  Amazing , that completed

how to draw a rose 8th step

Final Step:  WOw Finally I completed my Drawing. Are you completed this drawing? If not then start with 1st step and try to draw. This is very easy.

How To Draw A Rose final step


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