This drawing lesson will teach you how to draw a rose flower, which is probably the most well-known flower on Earth.

Our team has shown you many times how to draw roses before. We tried new techniques each time to help you draw this beautiful flower. We also wanted to show you a different way to draw a rose this time, which is slightly different than the lessons we have shown previously.


Let’s now move on to the instructions for drawing a rose flower.


Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing the basic shapes of the rose flower drawing. The bud should be drawn as a circle and the stem as an extended line. You should use the simplest, most invisible lines to draw all details. Your sketch should look a bit like a Chupa Chups at this point.



Step 2

It’s now time to give the rose drawing a more precise look. Start by drawing the outline of the petals. Next, draw the outer petals. These should be the largest petals in the entire bud. You should not attempt to duplicate all of the bud’s outlines, as shown in the example.


Step 3

Keep creating the outline of the petals. Now, create the ones at the center of your bud. The petals should be created using very basic shapes. The petals should be surrounded by the outer petals.


Step 4

This is the right time to create details with sharper, clearer lines. Begin with the inner petals. Carefully trace the lines and make them more clear. When you are done creating the final shapes, erase any guidelines that were previously drawn.


Step 5

Do the same thing, but this time trace the petals around the rosebud’s outer petals. Give them a final, clean look. The contours of the outer petals should be less uneven than those of the inner. To give your rose drawing a natural look, add sepals to the bud.


Step 6

To give the stem a more voluminous look, add another line. Draw a cut line at the bottom of your stem that looks like an oval. Draw a few twig lines in the middle of your stem. You have two options: smoothen the stem or add thorns.


Step 7

With a few wavy lines, draw the outer contours and leaves. You can give your rose drawing a natural, more realistic look by drawing the veins of the leaves with short lines. When sketching, make sure to check for accuracy by constantly looking through a mirror at the sketch and moving it.


Step 8

To give your rose drawing a more realistic and finished look, erase all unnecessary details and guidelines. Begin with the darker areas, and work your way up to the lighter areas. Learn more about drawing shadows in light or shadow.


Our instruction does not end with drawing a rose. You can improve and consolidate your skills. Try a few things to achieve this.

Try drawing a rose flower first with modified details. Make another stem or bud, for example. You can also add more highlights and shadows to your artwork, giving it a more beautiful and vibrant look. Next, draw some roses and place them in a container.

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