Hello! Today we’ve created for you a simple drawing lesson for kids and beginners. The lesson’s subject is drawing a bird called a rooster. It isn’t the only bird that is on our website, since we also have drawing lessons for birds like chickens, geese, and ducks (by the way the lessons are easy to learn). The photo of a rooster appears very common on clothes or in fairy tales as well as cartoons, there are many iconic pictures of roosters.

Step 1
Let’s begin drawing with this rounded shape. It’s difficult to measure against anything in order to help you copy it. The only thing this image is like – inverted chicken legs. Maybe the writer of this article has described numerous birds taking lessons in recent times.

Step 2
Draw the comb on the high point of the image as you did in step one. Below, in the form, you can draw eyes with big eyes and an open beak. It looks similar to Nike’s logo “Nike”. Be sure to look at the lower part of the beak. Here you will see the inner portion of the beak.

Step 3
Draw a small outline with the shape of a semicircle, just beneath the eyes. By using a toothed line, trace a plumage around the neck and back of the cock. Just below the beak, draw the wattles.

Step 4
Let’s draw the folded wings. Let’s draw elongated wings. First, we draw an oval shape, and then draw the feathers over the oval. It is evident that the wings are slightly rounded on one side and serrated on another side.

Step 5
In this phase, we focus on the most important feature of the rooster: the magnificent tail. The tail resembles multiple curving lines. In addition, we have another drawing tutorial for feathered animals, in which we discuss drawing the dove.

Step 6
The final part of the class on drawing a rooster for beginners is to draw legs. first, they are narrowed slowly, and then suddenly turn into straight lines that are more conventional.

Step 7
This is the final and easiest step. Remove any extra guidelines, then paint over the eyes.

Drawing lessons for you were created by artists from the website. All the best, and don’t forget to follow our pages on Google Plus, YouTube, and Facebook.


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