Good morning Dear artists. Today we’ll teach how to draw the drawing process for an image of a Rolex wristwatch. You are aware that Rolex is a Swiss watchmaker that makes wristwatches and accessories that are sold under their Rolex trademark. In one of our earlier lessons on drawing, we taught our students how to draw the watch.
Step 1
First, we’ll sketch the outline of the dial, in the shape of circles.
Step 2
Create another circle inside the circle you made in the first step.
Step 3
By drawing light lines, we can draw the lugs as well as the crown, as we did in our illustration.
Step 4
Draw the contours of the strap, which extends over the dial.
Step 5
In the middle of the dial, we draw a circle out of three arrows that depart.
Step 6
Incorporate specific information into the dial including the numbers as well as the date, and also the Rolex logo on the top of the dial.
Step 7
Draw the lugs out and crown them with dark and clear lines.
Step 8
Then, in the final step, we cut out the strap made of links made of steel.

This was a drawing lesson that explains drawing an image for a Rolex watch step-by-step. If you’ve done everything correctly you’ll get a Rolex drawing like the one we have shown.


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