How to Draw a Rocket

NASA is the most common image that we associate with rockets. A rocket can be used by spacecraft, aircraft and other vehicles to get thrust from a rocket engine.

Although we might never be able to see a rocket in action, we can draw them! You can draw a magnificent rocket with a rocket drawing!

This tutorial will show you how to draw a rocket in nine easy steps.

Furthermore, every instruction includes an illustration to help you navigate the steps by hand.

Draw a rocket with your artistic talents!

How to Draw a Rocket Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw an irregular, oblong shape on your paper with a pointed top. This will create the outline for the rocket’s shape.

Refer to reference lines to ensure that the outline is drawn in the middle. Draw a horizontal and vertical line intersecting on your paper.

The rocket’s outline should align with the vertical line at the middle. Once you are done drawing the rocket you can simply erase the guidelines with an eraser.

2nd Step:

Draw a figure underneath the rocket. The figure should be the same shape as the bottom half of an rectangular shape.

As shown in the illustration, however, it should have a slightly curved bottom line.

3rd Step:

Draw a curving line around the top of the rocket. Next, draw several shaded dots underneath the curved line that we just drew.

Draw another line towards the bottom of your rocket. However, this time, the line should be shorter than the one at its top.

This makes the rocket’s surface appear more real.

4th Step:

Draw a V-shape in the lower left corner of the rocket.

This is the rocket’s left fin.

5th Step:

To create the right fin, repeat the previous step from the opposite side. Now both the left fin and right fin should be completed.

This is the part that propels the rocket into the air. Your rocket is now ready for flight!

6th Step:

Below the rocket, draw an oval shape with a pointed tip. This is the rocket’s inner exhaust flame.

After the rocket lifts off into the air, exhaust flames will appear. It will appear as if the rocket is in mid-flight by adding exhaust flames to your drawing.

7th Step:

Make another figure that is similar to the one in the previous step. This will cover the exhaust flame’s inner layer. This will create the second layer.

Remember that the flame should be slightly larger than the one before it, as illustrated in the illustration.

8th Step:

To create the third and final layer of exhaust flame, repeat the previous steps. The third layer of flame should be enclosed in the same way as the previous.

The exhaust flame should be visible underneath the rocket at this point. We’re almost done! Keep going!

9th Step:

On the rocket’s upper middle, draw a perfect circle with a smaller inner circle. This will create the window.

It should appear as if there is a circle within another. You can use the illustration to help you make sure you are doing it correctly.

We’re now ready for the fun part. This step will involve choosing the colors and coloring your rocket.

Although this step can be skipped, we recommend it to make your artwork vibrant and colorful.

You can choose the colors that you use for your rocket. You can use any color that you want!

To create multi-colored rockets, we recommend using multiple colors. You can also add colors to the exhaust flame!

Have fun with colors, and then watch the rocket come to life.

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