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How to Draw A Robot

Imagine how wonderful it would be to own a robot!

Despite all the technological advances made in recent years, the possibility of having a robot friend is not yet a reality. That’s a shame!

You might not be able to own a real robot . So, the best option is to draw a robot friend!

We have the answer if you are unsure of how to proceed.

This 8-step step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a robot friend.

How to Draw A Robot Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a robot. It is a good idea to keep a ruler handy, since there will be many straight lines.

Simply draw a rectangular shape that looks like it is a square on top of a rectangle without any lines dividing them.

Draw two rectangles on either side of your head, as shown in the reference image.

2nd Step:

This step will help you design the face of your robot. To create a mouth, draw a rectangle and then draw a grid inside it. This will make teeth that look like buttons or lights.

Next, draw a rectangle around the eyes using some circles. To finish this step, you can add additional circles to the area above the eyes.

3rd Step:

In the third step of our tutorial on how to draw robots, we will draw the body. To create the neck of your robot, first draw a small rectangle.

Next, draw a square to represent the body.

You can add fun details to the outline of the body once you have it drawn. This can be done by drawing a rectangle within the body and some lines inside it with some circles.

These details will make your robot look like it is covered with lights and buttons.

4th Step:

We will begin to draw limbs for your robot drawing. The reference image shows that the arm will come in a variety of shapes.

You can modify the details of your robot drawing to make it more appealing.

If you don’t follow the guide, the arm will consist of many straight lines and some pincer shapes.

5th Step:

We will be following the steps in step 5 of our guide to drawing a robot.

If you want it to look waving, you can also alter the angle.

6th Step:

Now that you have arms for your robot drawing let’s add the first one. The leg is a simple rectangle with a rounded end that can be used as a foot.

To make your leg appear bendy, you can draw lines across the leg.

7th Step:

Now that you have drawn one leg, you can now draw the second one in this step of our guide to how to draw robots. To have your robot stand on its own, simply duplicate the design for the other foot.

Once you have all your limbs drawn, it is time to move on to the next step. Be sure to add any details you feel would be appropriate for your robot drawing before you move on.

What are some fun features you think your robot could have?

If you had the imagination, you could completely change the design of your leg!

This robot might use a giant spring or hovering technology to move around instead of its legs. What do you think this robot would do if it were to exist in real life?

8th Step:

Now that you have successfully drawn your robot, it’s time to color it! This step is where you can be creative with your color choices.

You’ve seen how we would color this robot, but now it is your turn to add your favorite colors to complete your drawing.

My opinion is that robot drawings will look better if they are more wild and crazy. To add color to the image, I would use lots and lots of colored markers and pens.

What art mediums and colors can you use to finish your incredible artwork?


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