How to Draw a Roaring Tiger

In this drawing guide, we will teach you the art of drawing a tiger or, more precisely we will show the user ways to draw the wild animal.

Tigers are, in reality, large cats and, in fact, the biggest cats on the planet. But their large size is not the only thing famous about tigers. They are most famous for their stripes of black and orange.

What do you require to draw a fierce Tiger? It is possible to draw with the simple pencil that comes with either paper or an electric drawing tablet. If these tools are available to you and you’re eager to begin, go to the bottom of the page and begin the step-by-step guide on drawing an enthralling Tiger.


Step 1

Begin by drawing three circles. The Head is the largest circle. The other two circles are the ribcage as well as the pelvis. The distance should be about the same as the head’s width between the pelvis and ribcage.




Step 2

With a straight, long line, join the pelvis and the ribcage. After that, follow this line to make the curved neck of the tiger. Make four lines to draw the legs of this large striped cat.




Step 3

Let’s look at the specifics now, beginning by drawing the head. head. The first step is to draw those triangular ears. Then, sketch round cheeks. They should be soft and fluffy. The final stage is to draw the line that runs along the neck.




Step 4

The tiger is very big and strong legs, however, despite that, they’re quite like the legs of a normal domestic cat. Draw them using very fluid lines, and orient them to the lines drawn in the 2nd stage.




Step 5

Connect the pelvis and ribcage from below by drawing a simple long line, creating the belly. Draw the hind legs in the same manner as drawing the front legs.




Step 6

Utilize a second long and curved line to draw the tail. Separate the toes with a couple of short curly lines.




Step 7

At the very top, draw two eyes that look evil. Draw the nose below. Remember that to verify the proportionality of your sketch you must examine it with a mirror.




Step 8

Under the nose trace your upper lip’s outline that resembles a big letter W, written in hand. Below it traces the lip below as a part of a U-shaped line.




Step 9

Draw the teeth and chin. Notice that the biggest teeth that are in the mouth of a tiger are the canines on the upper side. Lower canines have a smaller size than higher ones and the other teeth are also smaller.



Step 10

Then, using an eraser eliminate all lines that are constructive in your tiger’s sketch. Be sure to draw the little evil eyes inside each eye. This will instantly bring your tiger drawing back to life.



Step 11

As of now, our Tiger appears to be a plain angry cat. However, to correct this, we’ll draw stripes with a branded logo across the body. Remember the curvatures in the shape of your body while drawing the stripes of a tiger. This adds dimension to the drawing of a tiger.



Step 12

If everything was done correctly the drawing of your tiger will be exactly as you can see beneath these lines. Be sure to examine your drawing to see if there are any mistakes and make any necessary corrections.



Step 13

Paint the majority of the skin of a tiger with to orange. The cheeks, upper lip upper and lower lip, chin, and legs in the middle should be painted white or beige.



Try to enhance the drawing by drawing the surroundings of this furry cat. You could create the trees, rocks, or any other animals that are in the area.

If you’ve already drawn a roaring tiger and are looking to improve your drawing skills by drawing other animals, it’s time to visit our category titled Animals.


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