How To Draw A Road

While roads are an essential structure that allows us to travel from A to B at a basic level of transportation, they also represent freedom and discovery.

It is hard to find something more liberating than gliding down an open road and seeing where it leads you.

There are endless possibilities at the end every road we take. Learning how to draw roads can help you imagine those possibilities.

This guide will help you take a road trip without leaving your home.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a road in just 6 steps.

How To Draw A Road Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw roads. We’ll be showing you a lazy drive along a country road. We will start with a nice tree to line the roadside.

This is done by using thick, rounded lines that extend from the ground for the trunk or branches.

We will then surround the upper part of the tree using bumpy and jagged lines to create the leafy top.

After you’ve drawn the tree, we’ll start to draw the background landscape for the image.

You can create a hill by using a thick, curving line in the background. You can then move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

The second part of your road sketch will be the actual road. Although this should be an easy task, it will prove to be very effective.

Now, add two rounded lines to the section of landscape you created in the previous step.

These lines will appear to be very far apart for now because this section of road is the closest to us, the viewer.

To make it easier, you can add more details to the trunk of your tree.

3rd Step:

This step of will build up the landscape and add some finer details. Refer to our guide on drawing roads. We will first draw the lines for the road.

These can be added by drawing long, thin rectangles on the road section you have drawn in the previous step.

Next, draw a long and curving line across the scenery to mark the next hill in the landscape.

This step can be completed with some minor details for the leaves. Once it looks like the reference image, you’ll be ready to move on to step 4.

4th Step:

You will add more detail to your road drawing in this step. For more road, add curves to the second hill.

The lines will be closer to each other because this section is farther away. The road can be further extended by adding more rectangles to it, and then you can draw a small bush at the top.

Final step: Draw the final hill over the two previous ones.

There will be just a few details left to complete the next part.

5th Step:

In this step of you can add the final section to the road. Refer to our guide on drawing roads. You can add more curves to the hill.

Because they are so far apart, the lines in the middle of this section of road will be drawn using some lines rather than rectangles.

Finish the drawing with a small tree at the horizon. Then add any other structures or details you like! What will you do to finish this drawing before we color?

6th Step:

We will finish your road drawing with amazing colors. We have shown you one way to color your image in our reference image.

To create the rectangle sky, we used a mixture of different shades to make it.

Next, we used a variety of shades of greens to create the hills, as well as the bushes, and leaves. We finished with beautiful browns for the tree’s trunk.

These are the colors we chose. However, there are many other options for color.

It is possible to change the day’s mood by using grey as the sky and darker backgrounds.

You can then create the mood you want by changing the mediums you use. We’d love to know what colors you choose for the image.


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