Welcome, dear fans of art! We are pleased to welcome you to our website The artists on our site, like usual are prepared to provide you with an updated drawing lesson. In this drawing class, we’ll teach the students what to draw the road for BEGINNERS. In the beginning, we draw an extremely simple model of the road with the ability to draw even an artist who is new to the art.

Step 1
In the first step, we outline the skyline. In our case, the line lies in the horizontal plane right at the center of the paper. This is only an outline and should be erased during one of the subsequent steps. Therefore, you should make it light.

Step 2
Then draw lines on the road’s surface. Notice how much it narrows towards the horizon line and towards us. To illustrate how the road is separated The closest edges of the road are very broad, and the farthest, which is oriented towards the horizon creates a narrow.

Step 3
Draw the double continuous center of the road. it should align with the contours which we sketched in our previous step. It is now the road could traverse any vehicle, regardless of whether it’s the model of a Mercedes or an oil tank.

Step 4
Include a few parts of our landscaping to draw a smooth, sloping contour of the mountains along the edge of the horizon. You can also draw additional details like trees or traffic signs.

Step 5
In this stage, we’ll draw another mountain line close to us. We also draw two solid lines along each side that the roadway. We’ve completed the final step of drawing tutorials about drawing roads for those who are new to drawing.

If you completed this drawing tutorial in a short time it’s not a surprise, simply go on to more challenging lessons, which are found in the Drawing Lessons. For example, you should be sure to go through the drawing lesson on roses, knights,s or cellphones. We also want to remind you that you should subscribe to us on social media.

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