On our website, we have a category known as “Weapons” where we post the broadest range of guns, from daggers to bazookas. Today, this section will update with a tutorial on drawing the rifle for a beginner. We chose to conduct this lesson based on the model that comes with M16, the M16 semi-automatic weapon.

Step 1
To sketch an aesthetically pleasing and smooth rifle, first, we must sketch out the basic outlines using simple geometric forms. Make sure to draw the same shapes, and as you will observe, it’s quite easy.

Step 2
We will now sketch out the major components of the rifle like an eye, a trigger, and a handle.

Step 3
From this point beginning with this step, we’ll employ dark and clear lines to outline the features of the firearm. Be sure to draw the barrel handguard, high sight, and the barrel. At the same time, you should remove all unneeded guidelines in the area drawn.


Step 4
Following the lines drawn in the earlier step, we’ll draw the details of the middle section that makes up the firearm. In this step, we will need to draw details of the frame of the rifle, its handle, as well as the trigger.

Step 5
The final step of the tutorial on drawing the rifle for beginners will be to draw the handle, which is where we draw an elongated magazine handle, and the stock. Then at the close of the lesson, we remove all of the lines of auxiliary lines that we have drawn from our weapons.

Do you think that this drawing exercise was easy enough? Tell us your thoughts on this, as well as about any obstacles you encountered during the drawing process in the comments section of this article.


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