How to Draw a Rhinoceros

This ten-stage drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a rhinoceros.

Along with the giraffes and elephants, the rhinoceros is a symbol of Africa. The rhinoceros is easily recognized by its horn, which grows on its nose. In stories, movies, and video games, the rhino is very popular. This rhino is a common character in comics. Reno, a man dressed in a rhino costume, is one of Spider-Man’s main enemies.

This instruction will teach you how to draw a rhino using an example of a white rhinoceros.

Step 1

Mark the spine and limbs with simple lines. This is important so that we don’t make any mistakes when drawing a rhinoceros.



Step 2

Two simple lines connect the neck and head. The neck should be slightly shorter at the head, and slightly longer at the torso. Next, connect the chest to the pelvis using a few simple lines. This will create a torso.



Step 3

Smooth lines are best for leg drawing. Note that the leg closest to us should be slightly larger than that that is further away. This is due to the laws of linear perspective.



Step 4

Draw the hind legs.  Draw as precisely as you can all curves on the hind legs.



Step 5

Draw the horns. Start with the front horn. Draw a small mouth and a nose in the same stage.



Step 6

Draw the lower jaw in a long, uneven line. Draw the nostril at the top of the head. Draw the small eye and the wrinkles around the eyes.



Step 7

The skin of a rhinoceros actually acts as his armor. The skin is collected at the joints in large thick folds. This fold should be drawn above the front leg. Don’t forget to draw the tail and a bun at its tip.



Step 8

Draw the top of the neck and the ear. Next, draw the toes and fingers with thick nails. Make sure to look at the sketch through a mirror to verify the proportions.



Step 9

To make the drawing sharper and more precise, use a pencil or liner that is darker.



Step 10

You can choose from light gray to shades of gray-brown. To make the image more vibrant, you can add shadows.




To make the drawing more real, you can add objects to your rhinoceros. You can draw rocks and trees. You can also draw a rhinoceros on the savannah. This can be achieved by depicting beautiful grass and trees around the area, as well as a sunset sky.

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