What’s cuter than kittens? We can’t think of anything. However, if there’s something that is similar in terms of sweetness that kittens have, kittens then it’s an animal called a red panda. Let’s begin with this drawing lesson to learn the art of drawing the black panda.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out our panda’s shape which is simple and ovals. With simple lines, draw the legs and tail. Like all drawing lessons, in the beginning, it is necessary to use the simplest lines.

Step 2
In our case, the red panda is sitting on the tree. Draw the branch and place our panda onto it. Connect the ovals using simple lines. Add some bulk to the body of the red panda. Draw out the muzzle and ears.

Step 3
Continue to follow the drawing guideline about drawing the Red Panda. Let’s get a bit more into the finer details. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 4
Therefore, beginning with this step, we’ll finish completing the work with the final details. Eliminate all the lines off the face. create lines that are fluffy as in our illustration. Create the whiskers.

Step 5
The lesson may seem difficult, however, but it’s not. Simply erase any unnecessary lines and create the contours of your body by using small strokes.

Step 6
It is a simple process in that we are required to draw the contour of the tree on which our red panda resides. The lines must be the curviest and most uneven.

Step 7
By using hatches, make the panda’s tail stripes and then paint the center on the head. Then paint the eyes, and add shadows like in our illustration.

Did you see the same adorable red panda as our illustration? If yes, then write about it in this article If not, then go back to the beginning step again and you’ll draw the same adorable red panda.


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