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How to Draw a Rebel

How to Draw a Rebel

Step 1:

We’ll begin by drawing the shapes and guidelines that will form the framework for your rebellious little girl.

Step 2:

Draw the shape of the girl’s face using the circle that you created in step 1. Next, draw her neck.

Step 3:

This is the final step in her hairstyle, which shapes her head. You will style your hair in a dreadlock fashion. Make sure that the strands are long and thick. You can finish the look by adding the spiral crown to her top.

Step 4:

Let’s start with the face. Draw her big, angry expressions eyes. Draw the pupils boldly and make the lashes long and thick. Make her smile angry by smiling and adding freckles to her nose. This step is important because the girl’s face makes her rebellious.

Step 5:

Now we will begin to draw her body and clothing. Begin with the sweater collar, then draw the shoulders. The sleeves of her arm are also ripped. The collar is finished with the details and the dimpling on the chest.

Step 6:

I chose NIN. However, you can also draw your favorite band logo on it.

Step 7:

You will begin sketching the crow’s head, beak, and eyeball. You can also draw the feather details.

Step 8:

Draw in the crow’s wings which are in flight. This is why feathers on the wings are spread apart. You can also draw in details where necessary.

Step 9:

Draw the tail, the tail, the back, and the opposite wings to complete the crow. Remember to draw the legs, talons and claws. Make sure to erase all mistakes and follow the guides.

Step 10:

Your finished drawing should look like this. This tutorial was a great help.

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