How to draw a Realistic Toucan with Color Pencils

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Then, draw a sketch of the upper body of the nightingale -Figure 1.

Step 2:

Draw a large beak, eyes and an inner layer from the neck to chest — Figure 2.

Step 3:

Draw the paws down below the body, and then draw lines across the body to symbolize fur — Figure 3.

Step 4:

Draw a tree branch beneath the bird that it’s sitting on. Figure 4.

Step 5:

The drawing of leaves and branches Figure 5.

Step 6:

Green leaves on the foliage and branches, brunette on branches and yellow to the front, and the majority of the beaks , and the chest layer are painted earlier. Figure 6.


We hope this guide will assist you in learning quickly. Watch this tutorial video for an easy step-by-step explanation

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