Drawing basic geometric patterns is a fundamental ability for every artist Today, the team will teach the user ways to draw an equilateral pyramid.

The pyramid has faces as well as edges, like a cube or prism. prism as well as the methods used to depict each of these geometric shapes are quite similar.


Step 1

In the drawing cube tutorial, begin with the front-bottom angle and draw it using 2 straight lines. It is crucial to be aware that we are drawing the volumetric shape of an object. In this way, it becomes much simpler to create accurate geometric shapes in three dimensions.


Step 2

Then, using the same technique, draw the top part of the bottom foundation of the pyramid. We must remember that it is crucial to be aware of the laws of linear perspective.

and aerial view to ensuring that the drawing of the pyramid is accurate and natural.



Step 3

To ensure that the pyramid is equal and proportional, we have to locate the center vertical axis. To do this, draw two lines that start from the corners, and then intersect in the middle of the bottom. Be aware that the lines must be extremely light as these are just lines of constructive design that will be erased in the near future.


Step 4

Thus, using a straight line, draw the central axis that starts at the point indicated in the previous step. Be aware that this line will be erased in the near future, try to keep it as thin as you can. It should be barely visible.


Step 5

Then draw four lines that begin at the corners, and ascend to a unifying spot at the highest. Remember that because of the principles of aerial perspective the edge closest to you should be the darkest, whereas the lines that extend to the distance should be much brighter.


Step 6

Then, carefully eliminate all the lines of construction we made in the initial steps and give the artwork a perfect, clean appearance. Remember that to determine the proportionality of the image it is necessary to take a look at it in an optical mirror. Once you do this, every mistake will be apparent.


Step 7

To allow the pyramid to achieve an authentic and real appearance, it is necessary to draw shadows. With the aid of even hatching, start drawing shadows like the artists from have done in the picture below. Don’t forget that shading must be represented by taking into consideration the shape and dimensions of the geometric form.


Step 8

Keep adding shadows, creating them darker and more striking when necessary. At the same time, you can add some color to the lighter side and draw the shadow in such a way that the geometric shape doesn’t appear as if suspended on the ceiling, instead it is still on the surface.


The step-by-step guide on drawing an equilateral pyramid is now complete. Examine your drawing and then compare it to ones drawn by the artists on If you notice any inaccuracies or errors, then return to the point in which you made the error and attempt to fix the mistake.


If your artwork is in good order and you didn’t find an error, don’t be rushed to relax. The team constantly reminds us that the most important guide and mentor of any artist is their training. We have said it before when you begin to draw for at least an hour each day, you’ll gradually improve your drawing skills to a new level.


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