How To Draw A Realistic Mermaid Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

This is the first step in drawing the mermaid by sketching the fundamental guidelines and shapes to create the canvas to work on. This will allow you to create your mermaid more effectively. Begin creating a circular shape around the head, then outline it in the guides for the face, and draw the body her body. Then, draw a different design for the bottom of the mermaid and the motion path of her tail.

Step 2

Here’s a detailed look at the steps to drawing your mermaid’s facial features. Begin on the left and then draw the cheeks, forehead, jawline, and chin. After that, use the facial guides to draw large, open eyes and long lashes that look like this. It is also necessary to draw her nose , then, for the second part of her face, draw an draw a line around the eyebrows, eyeballs, and then draw her lips in the shape of smiling.

Step 3

Hey guys, this is one of my favourite aspects in this sketch. We’ll now tackle pulling hair from her. Begin at the top, and then create twisting lines that form an upward spiral with the wave. If you prefer your mermaid’s hair straight or in a different style, that’s acceptable. After you’ve drawn the length and style of her hair then you can start drawing specifics and definitions. For me I wanted my Mermaid to sport a playful appearance like Ariel and that’s why you can see her hair that is loose in front on her faces.

Step 4

Then, pull on your arms and shoulders and hands. Take note of how she’s lying on the stomach, sitting up, with her arms bent, and her hands are resting on the jawline or chin. Make sure to take some time for this process as it’s crucial to draw a sketch test in her palm.

Step 5

Draw the opposite arm. You only can glimpse her forearm since her hair is covered. Then trace her torso well as the contour the breasts. Draw the shell of the front of her bust you draw the curls in a line.

Step 6

We’re nearly there. The next step is to draw the bulk of her body, starting with her the torso. You’ll then sketch her stomach and legs as the mermaid’s fin and finally, her butt. Draw a more detailed or, better, definition.

Step 7

Now you can begin creating her hair in a loose, polished style. I’d like the tail’s fin to be long. You can select any mermaid-tail style you like, however this is the one I like best for this character.

Step 8

All you need to do is draw specific details on the fish’s tail fin. As hairs they are like hair strands. They also add texture and body to her tail.

Step 9

Once you have drawn the last detail of her fins, you are able to begin erasing the mistakes and instructions. The result will be a color explosive for your daughter.

Step 10

This is how she completed it. You can tell that I’ve drawn some slashes on her tail in order to sketch out the proportions. Select a palette, and then begin coloring her.

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