How to Draw a Realistic Dolphin Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw a Realistic Baby Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by selecting your pencils. I employed an HB pencil to do shading and outlining, 2H for shading lines that are light and shaded and a B pencil for shading lines that are dark or dark.

Step 2

Begin by drawing a simple drawing of the fish. Follow the steps for drawing a sketch if you want to. The HB pencils are the most effective to shade.

Step 3

After you’ve completed your sketch then shade on the background. I employed an HB pencil as well as tissue for this stage.

Step 4

Clean the dolphin using an eraser, and then try to make water splashes appear.

Step 5

Begin with the 2H pencil to sketch the dolphin’s outline, beginning with the forehead. Take care when drawing the dolphin if you’re using 2H. don’t want to tear your paper!

Step 6

Use the pencil 2H/B to lightly draw the eyes and mouth of the dolphin.

Step 7

Utilize the 2H key in order to draw the contour to the point at which the body curves just above the caudal fin.

Step 8

Now, shade the darker colors with pencil B. Don’t be concerned about the first time you blend.

Step 9

Begin smoothing your shadows by starting from scratch. It only takes 2H to do this. The letter B is only used for dark values.

Step 10

Shade the body and fins using two different shades, two H and B.

Step 11

Eliminate the sky and create the horizontal line of the horizon within the backdrop. You must ensure that the head of the dolphin is higher than the horizontal line. This will show that it’s jumping from the water.

Step 12

Make use of an HB pencil as well as paper towel or a stump blended to darken the water.

Step 13

Make use of an HB pencil as well as an old towel or a root mix to thicken the water.

Step 14

Paint the remainder of the dolphin using the HB pencil. Don’t shade too much because you may have to get rid of some splashes.

Step 15

Begin working toward the caudal fin. Smooth the shading using 2H. Shade and draw around some droplets of water in here and there.

Step 16

Then complete the sketch by shading the remainder of the fin, as well as the water. You might need to employ an HB or pencil toward the top of the caudal Fin as it’s quite dark.

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