How to Draw a Realistic Cat Face

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a realistic cat face. I am sure that this guide will be very useful for any aspiring artist.

I am glad to bring to your attention a fascinating lesson in which I will show in detail how to draw a realistic cat face step by step. If you have already completed the lessons presented on this site or tried to draw a cat’s face on your own, then in the process you will not have any difficulties. But even if you are drawing a cat face for the first time, you will quickly complete this task thanks to simple instructions and a detailed description.

During the lessons, try to observe symmetry and pay special attention to coloring. Leave some areas of the face white, and some should be darkened. Add highlights to the eyes. Remember all the drawing steps so that in the future you can easily draw a cat’s face if necessary.

Now I will ask you to prepare all the art supplies needed to complete this lesson, and you can get to work.


Coloring supplies

How to Draw a Cat Face
Draw the outline of the head.

Depict a circle where the bottom is wider than the top.

Sketch out the ears.

Add two identical spiky ears and immediately depict the inside of the ear.

Depict the eyes.

Draw the outer contour of the eyes, the pupil, highlights, and the inner corners of the eyes.

Add the eyelids and fur around the eyes.

With smooth lines add the eyelids and with the help of thin short strokes depict the hair.

Draw the nose.

Depict the nose which is in the shape of a triangle and draw the nostrils with curved lines.

Depict the bottom of the muzzle.

Draw the mouth and add the points along the edges of the nose from which the mustache grows.

Sketch out the fur.

In the front of the muzzle, draw the thin, short strokes to depict the fur.

Add the rest of the fur.

Using thin lines of different lengths, depict the fur on the forehead and in the ears.

Color the drawing.

For coloring, you will need black, orange, pink, and different shades of brown.

You have now completed all the steps in this tutorial and learned how to draw a realistic cat face. If you liked this lesson, then leave a small review in the comments. Also, you can offer your ideas for the next drawing lessons. Now you can download a short version of the lesson in PDF format for free. This file contains brief instructions and additional training materials necessary for the effective implementation of the lesson.

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