The team at will demonstrate what to draw an image of a ball. This tutorial is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to improve their drawing abilities.

We have mentioned many times in our earlier posts when drawing complicated objects, you must depict them in the form of geometric shapes that are simple. Balls can be used, for instance, to show knees, shoulders, or elbows.

If you are drawing the shape of a ball it is essential to be able to see the shape of its volumetric form and attempt to represent an object that is volumetric in a two-dimensional plane. This means that you must try to portray the ball and not a circular shape, and below we’ll demonstrate how to draw this.


Step 1

As we draw the shape of a ball, it must be as consistent and proportional as it is. To accomplish this, it is essential to sketch the lines that symmetry. Therefore, by applying a very gentle pressurized pencil, draw two lines like in the picture below. The line that joins them will be the center of your ball, in the near future.



Step 2

Draw two more lines that will connect in the center. The more lines you have, the more straightforward it is for you to make an equal ball. However, don’t rely solely on lines that are auxiliary, but try to master the art of drawing balls using only a few of these lines.


Step 3

Then, on all lines from the previous stage that is in about the same space as each other, draw lightly rounded strokes, like the artists from did in the picture below. The lines drawn in this stage must appear as thin as possible.


Step 4

Then, using extremely smooth, curved lines connect the strokes of the third step. Be aware that the ball appears uneven. You can erase the area that was not drawn and draw the lines in a new way.


Step 5

Then put the pencil away for a bit and then use an eraser to erase all the lines that were made in the previous steps. The ball can be traced to make sure you align the failed and disproportional areas. To verify the proportionality of the work, examine it in a mirror.


Step 6

Now is the perfect time to make your ball more volumetric. For this, we’ll use shadows. By using very smooth strokes, draw the shadows in a smooth manner, taking into consideration the ball’s shape. Take note that the lines of hatching wrap around the ball from every angle in the picture made by the artists of


Step 7

Keep adding shadows. They must still be hugging the ball, creating an elongated and round appearance. Include the shadow cast beneath the ball in order to create it more substantial and real. When making shadows, make sure to consider the principle of shadow and light as we have discussed in the article that relates to it.


Step 8

Make sure that you depict every necessary part of the shadows and lights. Be sure to include the areas that are darkest and most light as well as the rules regarding the aerial view. We covered this in the post on light and shadow that we previously mentioned.


Step 9

The tutorial on drawing a ball is done. Remove all unnecessary lines or lines, if there are any, and then apply all the finishing touches, if needed. If everything was done correctly the drawing of the ball should look like the image drawn by the artists at


Also, as we stated in the previous paragraph, the ability to draw balls, as well as other geometric shapes, is vital. They are essential capabilities for every artist. To refine this ability to the highest level practice drawing this geometric form from different angles and with different lighting. Remember how much you work on it the more precise and realistic your artwork will appear.

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